Dr. Livingwell is the best!!! From day one that I met her, she has taken great care of me! She really cares about her patients! It took me a long time to find the right Doctor for my specific needs. Dr. Livingwell treats me like a human being, not a number. She has done more for me in the time that I have been her patient, then any other doctor in my entire lifetime. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Stacy and her practice. She’s a life saver!

Loren N

We’ve had an excellent experience with Dr. Stacy – and we’re happy to have found an MD with an approach that emphasizes diet and lifestyle in addition to evidence-based medicine. She’s also good with email, which is a bonus.


After moving to Boulder a couple of years ago, I tried a few doctors and kept finding the same old thing- they would offer me prescriptions for the slightest ailments and spending very little time with me.

Then I found Dr. Green. She spent over an hour with me, did a complete history beyond what any doctor had done with me in the past. I never felt rushed and had time to ask all of my questions. She asked many questions about my lifestyle, foods I eat, sleep patterns, etc. And I felt like she cared about my answers.

Instead of walking out with a prescription for conventional medicines, I left with a truly holistic approach to my complaint that day, and to improve my overall health. I have been taking her advice and feeling the best I have in years! Thank you!

Michael E

Thorough and attentive, great doctor!!

Valerie C