Dr. Stacy Green is truly a hero in the mental and physical health field. I have lived all over the country and I have had to move many times due to jobs etc… thus also meaning I have had MANY drs all over the country, and all the horrors that goes with trying to find a new dr… but never in my life have I had such a beyond pleasant, enlightening, and just all around awesome experience as I have since I started seeing Dr. Green. If you even have the smallest thought about going to this incredible woman and Dr. Think no further just CALL! The very first time I spoke with her (after leaving a message saying I was new to town and need a new place to go etc….) she called me back in less than an hour and spoke with me for OVER AN HOUR on the phone! LISTENING to everything I had to say and what I was looking for and then she had me in her physical office in less than 24 hours for my intake visit. Talk about night and day from my past experiences! She is thoughtful and open to the new; on top of being incredibly knowledgeable about modern and alternative practices. I just can’t speak highly enough for her. She truly is a breath of fresh air to the field of medicine and I can honestly say she is a hero to me and I’m sure many of her other patients!


Dr. Green is the best!!! From day one that I met her, she has taken great care of me! She really cares about her patients! It took me a long time to find the right Doctor for my specific needs. Dr. Livingwell treats me like a human being, not a number. She has done more for me in the time that I have been her patient, then any other doctor in my entire lifetime. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Stacy and her practice. She’s a life saver!

Loren N

After moving to Boulder a couple of years ago, I tried a few doctors and kept finding the same old thing- they would offer me prescriptions for the slightest ailments and spending very little time with me.

Then I found Dr. Green. She spent over an hour with me, did a complete history beyond what any doctor had done with me in the past. I never felt rushed and had time to ask all of my questions. She asked many questions about my lifestyle, foods I eat, sleep patterns, etc. And I felt like she cared about my answers.

Instead of walking out with a prescription for conventional medicines, I left with a truly holistic approach to my complaint that day, and to improve my overall health. I have been taking her advice and feeling the best I have in years! Thank you!

Mike E